How can this be real? No one can give away free Apple iPods, iPhones, or iPads.

In order to get your free gadget you first need to complete a free offer. FreebieJeebies earns a commission for every person they get to sign up to any particular offer. They use this commission to pay for your free gadget. FreebieJeebies have also been giving out free Apple iPods for many years now.

I can't believe that this isn't a scam.

Make sure you check out the Proof page. There are LOADS of proof videos and pictures of things which people have received for free. 

So how do I get my free gadget?

  • Sign up: by clicking here.
  • Complete an offer: on your FJ account
  • Refer some friends: via your unique referral link

What type of offers are there?

Free offers include opening an account with Santander, creating a website with Intuit, or if you're in the USA trying out Equifax. Not only are there free offers, but there are also some which cost a few pounds. Although theres a cost if its something you already want or need you're still effectivly getting a free gadget. Offers include AA Breakdown Cover, LoveFilm DVD rental and more.

What is a referral?

Once you have signed up and completed your offer you will be given a referral link - this is your own unique link to give out to people. When they sign up you will receive a "purple" and once they have completed an offer they will go "green". Once you have sufficient greens the order button will appear to allow you to enter verification for your chosen free gadget.

Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone you like, BUT each referral must be a legitimate sign up. If you try and cheat the system your account will be put on 'hold' and you will not receive your free gadget. You are not allowed any referrals from the same IP address (internet connection) as you, and you are not aloud any referrals with the same home address as you. For more information please view Freebie Jeebies Terms and Conditions.

How do I refer friends?

There are many ways to refer your friends. Try sending out a few emails, or contacting people through MSN, Facebook, Bebo, or MySpace. Also check out Exceem for some very useful tips on how to get referrals for your free gadget.

Do the friends I refer have to complete an offer too?

Yes, once a referral signs up under your link they will appear on your status page as a "red" or as "Offer Not Complete". Once they have completed their offer this will turn green and show "Offer Complete". This is also good for them, because now they too can go about getting their free gift by giving out their unique referral link to their friends.

I have completed an offer but haven't been credited?

Some offers can take up to two weeks to be credited. If you still haven't been credited after these two weeks, then you can raise a support ticket. Most offers are automatically tracked and credited although one occasionally does slip through.



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